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1)  How long will my hairpiece last?

If you look after your hairpiece and follow our care instructions, your new baby will last 3 months to a year, depending on how often you wear your luscious new locks and how you care for it.

2)  What happens if I get caught in the rain or live at the seaside?

Now here it gets exciting!!!!

If choose a slick and straight pony,  it will remain that way, even if you get caught in that unexpected downpour of rain.

If you choose a curly pony or hairpiece, it will retain its curl.


3)  Can I flat iron, curl or dye my synthetic hair

No can not put any heat on synthetic hair. Unless indicated.

You can not dye your hairpiece


The advantage of synthetic hair is that you will find many beautiful colours in each hairpiece. No flat colour that looks like it has been dyed one solid colour.

The hair filaments  are carefully coloured to provide a beautiful textured look to your hair colour and a rich shine.


Now days you can buy anything from very inexpensive “ real hair” extensions through to the “Rolls Royce” in synthetic hair and several in between.

But always remember, “you get what you pay for”

6)  What is the difference between all the hair types I read about? Click here


Remy Hair is hair that has been kept in its original alignment as if it is growing out of the head. The cuticles on the hair are all aligned downwards in the same direction, which minimises tangling. This is a very expensive way to create hair extensions as it requires skill to achieve.

Many companies today label their product as ‘Remy’ however, it mostly miss-labelled, and gets passed as most people cannot tell the difference. . It requires the ability to feel the cuticles which is a highly skilled and learned technique. The result is that the word 'Remy' is quite often a misnomer and if a bundle of hair is labelled as such,& seems quite cheap in comparison to other hair, in reality it is likely not Remy.

True Remy hair is best for bonded or micro ring / long term extensions.


100% Human Hair has had a mild acidic treatment to smooth the cuticles, plus often is coated in a silicon based conditioner to further smooth the hair.  This is a more practical way of creating good quality yet affordable human hair extensions.

100% Human Hair is the best type of extension for clip in extensions as they are not destined to be worn all day, every day & need as much washing as hair that is permanent.


Synthetic hair is perfect for wigs and clip in hair pieces. New technology means good quality synthetic now looks really realistic, plus, synthetic hair has 2 key advantages for these type of styles. It keeps its shape- even in wet or hot weather, which means the customer can just put on the piece & go with no styling.  It is also lighter than human hair – which makes it excellent for wigs which can be very heavy when made in human hair.

Hair Fraud:

Unfortunately-  due to the high value & desirability of the human hair market, human  hair is often adulterated with synthetic or even goat or horse hair to bulk out the hair.

Hothair has sourced the very best quality synthetic and human hair fibers, through reputable sources. Our synthetic fibers are manufactured in Japan.

If you’re looking for excellent quality hair with beautiful textured, rich colours (no flat colours) HOTHAIR is the right choice for you.

7)  How do I look after my HairPiece/Hair Extensions?  To find out about aftercare click here

We highly recommend our specially formulated range of 'Synovation' aftercare products.

Synovation is made in Europe for HotHair.

  • Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles with your fingers or a pick comb. Fill a basin with cold water (never use hot water) and add a cap full of Synovation shampoo.
  • Immerse the hair into the basin and soak for 3-5 minutes, gently swishing up and down.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cold water to get rid of any residue.
  • Follow this up by using the same procedure with the Synovation Revitalizer, however, do not rinse out the Revitalizer.
  • Do not squeeze or twist the hair but dab, very gently with a towel so as to remove excess water.
  • Hang the piece on a wig stand or a styling head and allow to air-dry at room temperature. (For human hair wigs and hairpieces, you can of course, heat-style the pieces to dry them).
  • Whilst the piece is still slightly damp, shake and spritz with Synovation Conditioner, as this will coat the fibres of your hairpiece and keep it fresh and deodorised.
  • Finish the look with a quick mist of Synovation Finishing Spray, which works as a hairspray and will set your style into place without any stiffness. It's also incredibly easy to brush or wash out.

8) What if I don’t have Synovation products?

You can use Johnson’s Baby shampoo

 9) Can you help me match my colour?

Yes, we will be happy to help you select the right colour. Either message us on Facebook  with your query and a high resolution image of your hair in natural daylight, Or send us an email,

You can also send in a small cut sample to: this address : Click here.

 10) What if I ordered the incorrect colour?

Return your hairpiece to us within 7 days and we will be happy to exchange it for the correct colour.

We are not able to accept any open packages where our seal has been broken,.

If you think the colour is wrong, return it to us.

We are not able to accept any open packages or pieces that have been worn or handled.

11) How long will it take to get my hairpiece?

Once we receive proof of payment from you, your new baby  will be shipped to you and you should receive it withing 7 working days

If our Cape Town warehouse does not have stock, we will immediately order it for you from our London warehouse and you should have it within 15 working days at the very latest.

12) How do I make an exchange or a return?

Find out how to get an exchange or refund click here

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